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OpenLegacy + Microsoft Azure: Better together

A seamless transition for modernizing legacy infrastructures in today's cloud landscape. Guarantee swift deployments, reduced costs, and a harmonious melding of old and new ecosystems

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Seamless Hybrid Deployments

Organizations can integrate their legacy systems seamlessly into a hybrid cloud architecture, leveraging Azure's hybrid capabilities. This enables businesses to keep their sensitive data on-premises while still taking advantage of the scalability and services offered by Azure's public cloud

Accelerated Innovation with PaaS and DevOps

OpenLegacy's rapid integration capabilities can be coupled with Azure's PaaS and DevOps offerings to not only modernize but also continuously improve and innovate on legacy systems. This ensures faster time-to-market and responsive scaling to meet business needs

Secure and Compliant Operations

Businesses can trust that their integrated solutions will be both secure and compliant, thanks to the combination of OpenLegacy's secure legacy access methods and Azure's robust security and compliance features

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