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OpenLegacy + Microsoft Power Automate: Better together

Streamline processes between legacy systems and digital tools, creating an efficient operational environment. Unlock the full potential of your assets and applications, ensuring a harmonized digital landscape for growth and agility

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Streamlined Integration with Automated Workflows

OpenLegacy's ability to expose legacy systems as modern APIs harmonizes perfectly with Microsoft Power Automate's capacity to tap into these APIs, orchestrating and automating workflows. This synergy ensures that data from legacy systems can flow smoothly into new processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual intervention

Rapid Digital Transformation with End-to-End Automation

Leveraging OpenLegacy's integration capabilities alongside Microsoft Power Automate's user-friendly automation platform, businesses can accelerate their digital transformation. They can effectively bring legacy data into modern, automated workflows, streamlining operations and realizing ROI faster

Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity

OpenLegacy's prowess in linking legacy data sources meshes seamlessly with Microsoft Power Automate’s capability to distribute this data through automated workflows. The result is a harmonized environment where teams can collaborate more effectively, having access to both old and new data sources in a timely manner

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