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OpenLegacy + ProcessMaker: Better together

Create automated workflows that streamline operations and enhance user experiences by tapping into foundational systems, bridging the gap between trusted legacy assets and future efficient processes

Holistic Business Process Automation

OpenLegacy's aptitude for exposing legacy systems as accessible APIs dovetails with ProcessMaker's capability to incorporate these systems into automated workflows. This means businesses can seamlessly integrate age-old systems into new-age processes, ensuring end-to-end business process automation

Rapid Operational Transformation with Legacy Integration

As OpenLegacy paves the way for legacy systems to be part of the digital conversation, ProcessMaker ensures these systems are woven into optimized workflows. Organizations can expedite their operational transformation, bridging the old with the new in a fluid and productive manner

Enhanced Collaboration and Decision-Making

OpenLegacy's skill in making legacy data sources available complements ProcessMaker’s ability to utilize this data in business processes. As a result, teams across an organization can collaborate more effectively, having access to both traditional and modern data sources, enabling smarter decision-making

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