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OpenLegacy + Red Hat: Better together

Rapidly and securely connect core systems to modern digital touchpoints, ensuring both scalability and adaptability in a fast-paced digital landscape to drive forward a comprehensive digital transformation

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Empowered Enterprise Integration with Open Ecosystems

OpenLegacy's modernized APIs can be effortlessly integrated with Red Hat's enterprise integration solutions, enabling a holistic, open, and highly efficient IT environment. Such a synergy allows for a more agile response to business needs by streamlining data flows and processes across both legacy and modern systems

Optimized Containerization and Orchestration

Legacy applications exposed as microservices through OpenLegacy can be containerized and orchestrated effectively with Red Hat OpenShift. This allows businesses to fully harness the agility, scalability, and resilience of containerized applications, ensuring a seamless experience across legacy and new-generation apps

Enhanced Security and Governance

The integration of OpenLegacy's securely exposed legacy systems with Red Hat's enterprise-grade security tools offers a fortified environment. Businesses can confidently operate knowing their systems, both old and new, are under the protection of top-tier security practices and solutions

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