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OpenLegacy + ServiceNow: Better together

Integrate legacy systems with automated workflows and service catalogs for enhanced efficiency and user experience. Harmonize the digital enterprise where modern ITSM meets core systems strength and stability 

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Unified Digital Workflow Integration

OpenLegacy's seamless integration of legacy systems into the digital realm, paired with ServiceNow's workflow automation capabilities, offers businesses a unified operational landscape. This synergy ensures that processes flow smoothly from legacy systems to modern digital platforms, enhancing efficiency and user experience

Accelerated Digital Transformation and ITSM

As OpenLegacy speeds up the integration of legacy systems, ServiceNow optimizes IT Service Management processes, ensuring that both old and new IT assets and services are efficiently managed and delivered. This combination promotes a faster and more cohesive digital transformation journey

Enhanced Collaboration and Data Flow

OpenLegacy's integration capabilities, combined with ServiceNow's platform, ensure that data and processes are shared fluidly across the organization. This symbiotic relationship not only breaks down silos but also fosters a collaborative environment where departments operate in harmony, driven by unified data

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