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OpenLegacy + Talend: Better together

Weave core systems with new-age data solutions for accurate real-time insights and operational excellence. Elevate data strategies by harmonizing legacy foundations with modern data landscape. An automated process for connecting hard-to-access data, e.g., VSAM, Adabas, AS400, IMS databases, etc.

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Seamless Data Integration across Systems

OpenLegacy’s proficiency in making legacy systems digitally accessible perfectly complements Talend's expertise in data integration. This combination ensures that data from older systems can be seamlessly ingested, processed, and routed to any destination, creating a smooth data pipeline from legacy to modern platforms

Enhanced Data Quality and Integrity

As OpenLegacy unlocks data from legacy sources, Talend ensures this data is of the highest quality. The result is an integration solution where businesses can rely on the accuracy and trustworthiness of their data, whether it originates from a decades-old system or a modern cloud application

Agile Business Operations and Insights

The combination of OpenLegacy's rapid integration of legacy systems and Talend’s real-time data processing ensures that businesses can operate with agility. They can instantly act on insights derived from a vast array of data sources, driving efficient operations and fostering innovation

Solution Brief

OpenLegacy enriches Talend with turnkey access to legacy data sources


Learn how to keep your Cloud applications/data warehouses in sync with your back end legacy systems in real-time with just a few steps in your Talend Data Fabric.

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Conquering Data Governance Challenges

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