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OpenLegacy + Talend

OpenLegacy enriches Talend with turnkey access to legacy data sources

OpenLegacy complements the Talend platform by generating cloud-native SDKs for legacy infrastructure – making it quick and easy to connect, enrich, manage, and share legacy data sources.


Turnkey integration

An automated process for connecting hard-to-access data (e.g., VSAM, Adabas, AS400 and IMS databases)


Speed to value

 A direct connection allows the transfer and transformation to occur similar to systems that support SQL.

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Transformation of legacy data into a digital asset  containing information about the original source, enabling stakeholders to track changes.

Cube and Circles

No customizations to legacy systems

No hand-coding or changes to existing systems or custom configurations needed

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Solution Brief

OpenLegacy enriches Talend with turnkey access to legacy data sources



Learn how to keep your Cloud applications/data warehouses in sync with your back end legacy systems in real-time with just a few steps in your Talend Data Fabric.


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Conquering Data Governance Challenges

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