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OpenLegacy + Thought Machine: Better together

Transition seamlessly from traditional banking to cloud-native solutions, integrating legacy assets and embracing future innovations with an agile solution that bridges past systems and modern innovation

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Revolutionizing Banking Infrastructure

As OpenLegacy bridges the old with the new, Thought Machine's innovative core banking platform ensures banks operate on a cutting-edge, resilient, and scalable infrastructure. This integration guarantees that banks can offer state-of-the-art services while efficiently capitalizing on their legacy assets

Accelerated Digital Banking Innovation

Combining OpenLegacy's rapid integration capabilities with Thought Machine's flexible banking technology platform enables banks to swiftly roll out innovative solutions. Financial institutions can remain agile, responsive, and at the forefront of banking innovation, catering to the evolving demands of the digital-savvy customer

Seamless, Holistic Customer Experience

The alliance of OpenLegacy's seamless integration with Thought Machine's customer-centric platform results in a holistic banking experience. Customers benefit from a unified interface where traditional banking values are meshed with modern, digital-first services, ensuring a consistent, responsive, and personalized journey

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