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OpenLegacy + VMware: Better together

Confidently transition legacy systems to flexible, scalable, virtual environments. Experience a seamless digital journey that harnesses the power of modern cloud infrastructure with your valuable legacy infrastructure

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Hybrid Cloud Integration and Flexibility

OpenLegacy’s expertise in digitizing legacy systems dovetails with VMware's capability to deploy these solutions in hybrid cloud environments. Organizations can optimize legacy systems while ensuring they are flexible, scalable, and ready for multi-cloud deployments

Enhanced Security and Compliance

As OpenLegacy works to bridge the old and the new, VMware ensures that the integrated environment remains secure and compliant. The collaboration guarantees businesses a robust integration landscape, where data integrity, privacy, and regulatory standards are upheld

Operational Efficiency and Scalability

The swift integration capabilities of OpenLegacy, paired with VMware's powerful cloud and application management tools, ensure that businesses can scale operations as needed without performance bottlenecks. Organizations gain the agility required to respond to market changes efficiently

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