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OpenLegacy + Workato: Better together

Automate workflows between legacy and modern systems, ensuring real time data flow and operational efficiency, while honoring the value of legacy systems for a comprehensive and integrated business landscape

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Holistic Automation and Integration

OpenLegacy’s ability to expose legacy systems as modern APIs seamlessly meshes with Workato’s platform, designed to automate workflows. This blend ensures businesses can establish fluid integrations and automate processes that bridge the gap between legacy and modern systems, streamlining operations and improving productivity

Rapid Digital Transformation and Workflow Creation

Leveraging OpenLegacy's rapid integration with Workato’s quick workflow creation, businesses can accelerate their digital transformation journey. They can not only integrate legacy data but also create processes that utilize this data in real-time, responding swiftly to market demands and opportunities

Enhanced Collaboration and Data Flow

OpenLegacy's prowess in integrating legacy systems is amplified by Workato’s automation capabilities, promoting a holistic data-sharing environment. This collaborative landscape fosters better decision-making, as departments have access to unified data from both legacy and modern sources

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