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Published by CTECH.com, 28 November 2018, Hagar Ravet

BNP Paribas Backs API Startup OpenLegacy

Euronext-listed bank BNP Paribas SA participated in a $30 million funding round for Reston, Virginia-headquartered application programming interface (API) startup OpenLegacy Inc., the latter announced Wednesday.

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JERUSALEM, Nov 28 (Reuters) - Israel’s OpenLegacy, whose software helps companies create digital services from older systems, said on Wednesday it raised $30 million in a funding round led by Silverhorn Investment Advisors.

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Published by Digital Insurance, 26 November 2018

APIs, A Key Component of Insurance Digital Transformation

Fun fact: Many long-established insurance companies still rely on legacy mainframes computers running applications in an outdated programming language from the 1960s.

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Published by DZone.com, 8 November 2018

What Devs Need to Know About DevOps

Automation, alignment, and security are just three of a long list of things for developers to learn about DevOps. Do you need to strengthen the security of the mobile apps you build? Discover more than 50 secure mobile development coding practices to make your apps more secure.

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Published by ITJungle.com, 7 November 2018, Alex Woodie

Modernizing IBM i Apps with Microservices

Application modernization means different things to different people. For some, it could be turning a 5250 screen into a Web or mobile interface, or replacing database access with SQL. But for others in the IBM i community, including the vendor OpenLegacy, modernization refers to exposing existing business logic as APIs through a microservices architecture.

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New IMS Connector Simplifies the Creation of Digital Channels and Innovations in IMS Environments OpenLegacy, the leader in delivering microservices-based API integration and management for core and legacy systems, announces the latest addition to its comprehensive library of native connectors to include the IMS DC system.

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OpenLegacy, the leader in delivering microservices-based API integration and management for on-premise and legacy applications, announces the latest version of its software, smoothing the path for enterprises to speed integration of the latest in fintech, insurtech, and other digital, customer- and process-focused technologies.

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Cloud Micro services – Global Market Future study with Growth at CAGR of +5.5% by 2025 | Top Companies like – WS, CA Technologies, Contino, CoScale, IBM, Infosys, Kontena, Macaw Software, Marlabs, Microsoft, Netifi, NGINX, OpenLegacy, Oracle,, Pivotal Software.

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Published by Business Insider, 21 September 2018

OpenLegacy Selected for Spot in Fintech Europe's First Accelerator Batch

OpenLegacy was recently selected as one of nine startups in Fintech Europe's initial accelerator batch. Sponsored by Plug and Play in partnership with Deutsche Bank and Tech Quartier, the Frankfurt-based program intends to run two 12-accelerator batches per year.

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Published by Yahoo Finance, 6 September 2018

OpenLegacy Sees Significant Growth in the First Half of 2018

OpenLegacy has experienced significant growth in sales and personnel since January of 2018, especially in North America. The expansion includes a team increase of 26% focused on meeting the demand for OpenLegacy technology in new regions, especially major North American hubs, such as New York, Chicago, and Dallas, as well as Mexico. Platform Support members have been added to manage the growth generated by the regional expansion and increasing global customer base.

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