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Published by ITJungle.com, 7 October 2019

Monoliths, Microservices, And Ibm I Modernization: Part 1

What’s the best approach for application modernization: Maintain the monolithic architecture, or break it into individual microservices? This is an important question, especially for IBM i shops that are looking to take their considerable investment in encoded business logic to the next level.

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Published by IT Masters Magazine

Being the Best Digital Bank Is Their Goal

[Interview with OpenLegacy customer, Tiago Spritzer, Technology Director of Grupo Financiero Banamex]
CItibanamex knows that today differentiation lies in the digital platforms. With its new mobile banking, digital branches, and open APIs, Mexico's oldest financial group is looking to gain participation and improve customer service. Spanish version also available here.

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Published by informationWeek, 20 May 2019

Six DevOps Misconceptions Debunked

The road to DevOps success is littered with myths and misconceptions. Here are the largest potholes you need to avoid. While DevOps is firmly grounded in reality, numerous myths and misconceptions have grown up around the concept.

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Published by TheNewStack, 18 April 2019

How to Bring Legacy Systems to DevOps Speed

The key to organizational success in every vertical today is to access legacy or backend systems — the workhorse — without creating more code and holding up agile and DevOps — the thoroughbreds that accelerate digital transformation.

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The factors driving the cloud micro services market is, with rapid enhancement in advanced technologies, use of connected devices and digital solutions is gaining high momentum due to which, the scope of digital transformation is getting broader.

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Published by KPMG, 6 March 2019

Doing Business in Israel - March Edition

“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.” The complex nature of digitalization, cleverly summed up by the renowned MIT Professor George Westerman, is even more intricate for the financial services sectors.

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Microservices architecture has paved way to new approaches in application programming interfaces (API), which allows setting a more agile development in delivering services to clients. The architecture based on microservices is a new way to creating next-generation cloud infrastructures.

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Published by InsurTech World, 5 February 2019

API- a key component of insurance digital transformation

Insurers generally have a multiplicity of incompatible core systems of record across different business units and country operations. How do they deliver constant, digitally transformed customer delight and collapse claims and operational costs?

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Published by Insights Success Magazine, 21 December 2018

The 10 Best Performing API Solution Providers, 2019

In addition to being named one of the Top 10 Best Performing API Solution Providers, disruptive newcomer OpenLegacy has recently been making headlines around the world with an impressive $30 million dollar funding round.

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Published by DZone.com, 4 December 2018, Tom Smith

Leverage Legacy Systems With APIs and Microservices

Great catching up with Zeev Avidan, Chief Product Officer, OpenLegacy on the heels of them closing a $30 million funding round and launching version 4.2 of their API integration and management platform. To date, OpenLegacy has earned their stripes by enabling financial services and insurance companies with significant legacy infrastructure to leverage existing systems and avoid or mitigate the risk of costly migration and modernization projects.

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