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OpenLegacy updates the open source technologies in version 4.5 of the platform

Posted by Marty Bakal, OpenLegacy Product Evangelist on May 15, 2020

OpenLegacy makes sure our platform stays up to date with the latest in open source. Updating improves the security and performance of the generated services while adding new functionality to the platform. We recently released version 4.5 of the platform, which includes:

  1. 1. A major upgrade to our open source technology stack (Spring boot 2, Java 11)
  2. 2. A new JSON based testing framework
  3. 3. A new Kafka connector

OpenLegacySpring Boot 2 adds default security measures by including static resources and actuator endpoints. Upgrading to Spring Boot 2 also supports Java version 11.

Java 11 added unit and modules support; module support enhances building microservices by only having to include the Java runtime library parts you need. Microservices are the main way our customers deploy their APIs so we always focus on any enhancements that help microservices.

We recently added open source JSON-based testing to the OpenLegacy platform. The platform automatically generates the JSON and includes default input and output data. The testing platform simplifies JUnit testing to no longer require a Java programmer to run the tests. The process makes tests much easier to integrate directly into your existing processes.

While our API integration works for many customers as is, some need the data to go into a stream processing system. Apache Kafka is a powerful, open-source system so we added support for it as a new connector. The new connector gives users the ability to choose between direct connections, queues (RabbitMQ) or event stream processing all from the same automatic microservice-based API integration engine.

The ability for OpenLegacy to build off these and other open source enhancements helps us stay up to date and make sure our customer’s APIs are part of a modern architecture. For more details please take a look at this case study about how OpenLegacy helped a customer develop an integration between IBM mainframes and a Kafka.