Copy the code below and paste it in place of the code in the stylesheet in order to make these changes affect all your pages.

{% color "melody" color="#414042", export_to_template_context=True %} /* change your site's color here */

{% color "harmony" color="#ff5c00", export_to_template_context=True %} /* change your site's secondary color here */

{% set topHeaderColor = "#ff5c00" %} /* This color is solely used on the top bar of the website. */

{% set baseFontFamily = "Open Sans" %} /* Add the font family you wish to use. You may need to import it above. */

{% set headerFontFamily = "Open Sans" %} /* This affects only headers on the site. Add the font family you wish to use. You may need to import it above. */

{% set textColor = "#565656" %} /* This sets the universal color of dark text on the site */

{% set pageCenter = "1200px" %} /* This sets the width of the website */

{% set headerType = "fixed" %} /* To make this a fixed header, change the value to "fixed" - otherwise, set it to "static" */

{% set lightGreyColor = "#f7f7f7" %} /* This affects all grey background sections */

{% set baseFontWeight = "normal" %} /* More than likely, you will use one of these values (higher = bolder): 300, 400, 700, 900 */

{% set headerFontWeight = "normal" %} /* For Headers; More than likely, you will use one of these values (higher = bolder): 300, 400, 700, 900 */

{% set buttonRadius = '40px' %} /* "0" for square edges, "10px" for rounded edges, "40px" for pill shape; This will change all buttons */

After you have updated your stylesheet, make sure you turn this module off


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Back to the Future: Impressions from COMMON Annual Meeting

May 11, 2015

We’re back! OpenLegacy went to the 2015 COMMON Annual Meeting and Exposition last week in Anaheim and we’re still recovering from seeing the “Back to the Future” DeLorean time machine in person.

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5 Reasons Why Companies Resist Modernization

April 07, 2015

Are you struggling with the limitations of your legacy applications? Are you resisting or delaying a modernization project because of these roadblocks and challenges? You are not alone.

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Bridging the IT “Innovation Gap”

March 24, 2015

No IT environment springs fully formed from the pages of Information Week. Companies make critical purchases – and inherit older systems – on a continuous basis. The key to institutionalizing[...]

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Tips on Calculating the Average Cost of a Legacy Mobilization Project

March 12, 2015

Legacy mobilization is a top-of-mind for many of today’s CIOs. They consider it a necessity, and chances are, they have a pretty good understanding of the key steps that will be involved. The one[...]

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Develop Mobile Apps with AS/400 Applications: 6 Things to Avoid

March 10, 2015

No two development projects are the same; every enterprise will have different goals and success metrics for creating mobile apps tied to their AS/400 systems. Regardless of scope, there are[...]

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Legacy Modernization Projects: The Forgotten Stakeholders

February 26, 2015

The CIO is onboard with the strategy, the IT staff has a well-crafted plan for implementation, and the developers have their marching orders. Who’s being left out? The end-users!

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The Fast Approach to Enterprise Modernization - When Less is More

February 17, 2015

In any situation of panic, the knee-jerk response is almost always to “do something!” Today, many CIOs are feeling a strong sense of panic around the perceived need to modernize their legacy[...]

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Technology and Enterprise Modernization - your 30 day roadmap

February 11, 2015

It might seem slightly ironic that new technology can save old technology – not replace it. In this sense, we’re referring to technological advances that make it possible for an enterprise to[...]

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Choosing the right tool to extend legacy’s reach to the Web, mobile and cloud networks

January 22, 2015

Legacy systems offer high stability and high quality data. But you need them to go farther: for example, work with other applications running on other platforms ranging from the cloud, to the web[...]

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OpenLegacy 2.0 Released - Mobile, Responsive Web and more

October 27, 2014

Since launching OpenLegacy, the input that has flowed in from customers and developers has been great, and we have collected it to guide us in later versions.

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