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Mainframe Application Modernization Explained

December 06, 2022

Technology is constantly evolving, and what was cutting-edge a decade ago can appear dated now. This is especially true when it comes to on-premises enterprise mainframe applications, which can be...

Stop trying to clone COBOL developers

May 17, 2022

I am a fan of science fiction and love the concept of cloning to help solve problems. Cloning leads me to think about COBOL developers.

Inflexible mainframes aren't the stumbling block for digital transformation

March 29, 2022

Recently yet another large Integration vendor said digital transformations need to be hybrid due to a “common stumbling block – inflexible legacy systems.”

Ways to Overcome Common IBM Mainframe Challenges

February 05, 2020

Using microservices and APIs to leverage data and business logic locked inside IBM mainframes (z/OS) are often a slow and time consuming task. Mainframe application releases are more frequent these...

Using Hybrid Integration to Access Legacy Systems In The Cloud

March 25, 2019

[Based on an article written by Eyal Herson that originally appeared in Medium.com]

I want to share my best current thinking about legacy applications and how you can make them available in the...