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The Third Age of Modernization – Take a Cloud-native, Hybrid Approach

The Third Age of Modernization – Take a Cloud-native, Hybrid Approach

Why are we even on the path to modernization? It’s simple -- customer demand for digitized services has made legacy modernization a priority.

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Rolin Zumeran

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3 Key Measures of Successful Open Banking Projects

March 05, 2018

Banks aren’t blind to the way the economy is changing. The marketplace demands new features from popular applications at a faster pace than ever before. In response, banks are attempting to[...]

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A Look Back at Digital Transformation in Financial Services (and Digital Transformation in General) in 2017

January 25, 2018

Across industries, a whopping number of companies have already begun a digital transformation – roughly 42% according to a Gartner survey. Not all of them will succeed. In fact, most won’t: 84% of[...]

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3 Ways to Mitigate the Risks of Open Banking API Overload

November 28, 2017

APIs are the building blocks of Open Banking. Technology has made is easy to develop and integrate APIs - but there is a risk of overdeveloping. This article explains how to mitigate the risks of[...]

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3 Driving Factors for Why Omnichannel Needs API Integration and Management

November 09, 2017

Digital giants like Amazon and PayPal, along with the rise of smartphones, have changed consumer expectations forever. Customers may always have to interact with banks in some way, but they now[...]

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3 Ways OmniChannel Banking and API Management Work Together to Build Financial Services Leaders

October 26, 2017

A recent survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review shows that 73% of all consumers use multiple channels while shopping and that multi-channel consumers spend more money than their[...]

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4 Questions You Need to Answer Before Leaping into an Open API Project

October 12, 2017

Anyone in the banking industry can tell you that financial services firms are some of the most heavily impacted by digital transformation trends. But while banks have slowly embraced disruptive[...]

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Were Blockbuster's Legacy Systems Part of the Problem?

July 11, 2017

The first Blockbuster store opened in 1985. From the outset, the chain really took off. It wasn’t just the corporate power and aggressive marketing – at the time, technologies like scanners and[...]

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Unpacking Competitive Advantages with API Integration

June 22, 2017

The digital economy is no longer a subset of the broader economy but has evolved into the global economy itself, there is no longer a distinction. Digital native start-ups have tactfully inserted[...]

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The History of APIs and How They Impact Your Future

June 07, 2017

Interested in the history of API? Read our timeline to see how API has changed throughout the years and what may come in the future.

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