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Navigating the Future: A Guide to Legacy Modernization

September 25, 2023

What is legacy modernization? Legacy modernization is the process of converting legacy systems into cloud-based services. There are several approaches that can be taken.

OpenLegacy’s Guide to Integration Software Solutions

September 13, 2023

With constantly evolving systems, software, and apps, finding the most efficient solutions for your business can seem daunting. CRM is useful for sales and marketing, e-signature software can help...

A Practical Guide to Application Software Integration

August 31, 2023

In the current digital era, when a huge array of software applications are available to businesses, application software integration is a critical solution. Worldwide IT spending on enterprise...

Software Integration: Everything You Need to Know

August 28, 2023

Software integration enables businesses to synchronize the abundance of apps and software solutions available today. With an app for seemingly every task, from time management and eCommerce to...

The Integration of Software Applications: Benefits and How to Get Started

August 23, 2023

Integration of software applications can help organizations that still use monolithic legacy systems with the considerable challenges they face when embracing digital transformation.

Why Are Legacy Systems Still Used in Some Businesses?

August 17, 2023

A legacy system is a piece of software or hardware that has been in use for a long time. Despite being increasingly out of date and cumbersome to maintain, legacy systems will still be functional.

Application Integrations Explained

August 16, 2023

If you work in a modern business, you’ve likely heard of application integration before. Also known as app integration, this isn’t a single process but multiple apps, across different business use...

Navigating the Risks of Legacy System Integration: A Guide for Businesses

August 14, 2023

The term “legacy systems” typically refers to older tech. This could be a computer system or application that now feels outdated in comparison to today’s modern technology.