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How to reduce or eliminate your reliance on the Tibco ESB

February 07, 2022

Save dollars and gain flexibility quickly and easily

The OL Hub is built to solve many existing legacy integration problems with an eye to the future (Part 2 of 4)

February 01, 2022

The first blog in this series focused on why we decided to create a SaaS platform. This one shows the benefits of that platform, which is called the OL Hub.

Our Journey to Transform OL OnPrem into a SaaS Platform (Part 1 of 4)

January 19, 2022

The end of the year is always a nice opportunity to summarize.I looked back and wrote this blog series. It will be released bi-weekly and be a 4 part series.

2021 Year in recap from OpenLegacy

December 20, 2021

Openlegacy would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, but first a recap on what was a wild but gratifying experience at OpenLegacy. We launched the next generation of our platform, the OpenLegacy...

Automate the creation and delivery of C# APIs from legacy assets

December 07, 2021

Over the past four years, I have worked as a Senior Solutions Architect at OpenLegacy. I dealt with simple and complex business cases in a wide range of industries, especially banking and insurance....

Forrester derives a 353% ROI for enterprises using OpenLegacy Hub

August 19, 2021

Every organization needs to modernize, but it’s challenging to justify an investment without understanding the benefits. Most important is the ROI – the bottom line criteria for any IT project; did...

Top Challenges for Insurers and Why CIOs Should Act Now

July 07, 2021

Owing to the pandemic many insurers suddenly find themselves in survival mode, trying to stay afloat while broadening their ever-growing offerings to their customers. The need for innovation is...

OpenLegacy Fashions a Digital Transformation for Monoprix

June 29, 2021
  • OpenLegacy empowers a growing and diverse team at Monoprix to create APIs as equal contributors to their new API factory.
  • The Monoprix project demonstrates the flexibility of exposing APIs, properly...

From Core Systems to API Products

April 30, 2021

Google Cloud API Specialist

How API management supports the enterprise modernization journey