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5 Reasons You Need An Open Source Legacy Modernization Platform

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How would you like to modernize your organization’s legacy software, systems, and/or network quickly, easily, and without spending a fortune?

Believe it or not, it can by done. The key is open source software. Here are 5 reasons open source software is so important to legacy modernization:

1. Open source has been openly embraced

The cost of modernization has accelerated in tandem with the widespread acceptance and use of open source software. No longer the sole domain of hackers, open source software is used by everyone – even the federal government.

2. Open source creates transparency

Open source software seamlessly connects legacy systems with web browsers, new user interfaces, and apps, thus making your system part of a modern, easy-to-use information ecosystem.

3. Open source taps into collective knowledge

It goes without saying that there are a lot of smart people in the world, and open source taps into their collective knowledge and provides the community with access to new tools and technology that are constantly being updated.

4. Open source is standards-driven

The majority of open source software is built on and uses industry standards like Java and REST, so your IT team does not face a steep learning curve and you avoid the risk of technology obscurity.

5. Open source puts all the control in your hands

Open source breaks down 3 big barriers that get in the way of legacy modernization: vendor lock-in and control, high costs, and high risk of failure. Instead, the power of modernization is in your hands. You can independently and rapidly create new solutions without vendor interference, a large investment or the restrictions of licenses.

OpenLegacy is the only open source legacy modernization technology company to deliver a standards-driven solution that doesn’t require your staff to acquire new skills.

That’s right: you can access the source code, host it yourself, enhance it with your existing Java skills, and customize it to your needs – all without vendors, contracts, and large investments.

Imagine improving productivity, reaping instant ROI, and enjoying faster time-to-market with a legacy modernization project that lasts for days or a few weeks rather than months and costs thousands rather than millions. It can be your reality - learn how you can get started now.

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